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Piece Together the Land Down Under

A Fun and Educational Australian Map Puzzle Set

Australian Map Puzzle Worksheet Hedgehog English

Teaching geography can be challenging, but it's important to help students learn about the world around them. One way to make learning about geography more fun is to use puzzles and worksheets, and the Australian Map Puzzle, Worksheet, and Poster Set is a great resource for anyone looking to teach the states of Australia.

This set includes several different versions of the map of Australia, including a colorful rainbow puzzle, a green and blue puzzle, and a black and white puzzle that students can color in themselves. The set also includes several different versions of the map worksheet, including yellow and green, red and blue, and black and white.

Using the puzzle and worksheet together, students can work on identifying and naming the states of Australia. They can use the completed puzzle as a reference and practice saying the names of each state out loud.

The black and white version of the puzzle and worksheet is a great option for students who want to color in their own map of Australia. This can be a fun way to make the learning experience more personal and memorable for students and can help them develop a greater sense of ownership over their learning.

Finally, the set also includes a poster version of the map of Australia in color. This can be a great visual aid for teachers and students alike and can help students to see the big picture of how the different states fit together to form Australia as a whole.

With this fun and engaging resource, your students will be well on their way to mastering the geography of Australia!



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