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Australian Map Puzzle

Need help to teach the Australian states and capital cities? Then this product should do the trick!

Australian Map Puzzle Worksheet Hedgehog English

In Japan, I taught my students about Australia using this map puzzle. They already knew a little bit about the overall shape of Australia, but they knew nothing about the states or capital cities. Since Japan is divided up by prefectures, learning about states was a new concept for them.

In my class, I printed the puzzle onto coloured cardboard which was a quick way to give each student a different colour. Cardboard also made it very durable for students who fiddle and bend the puzzle piece as they're thinking. Though you could also print and cut out either the rainbow or green coloured puzzle before laminating it, and use it with many students.

If you want your students' to show off their artistic skills, then you can use the black & white version. Which would make for a great classroom display activity, as each student could colour it the way they want.

Australian Map Worksheet

Once your students' have mastered the Australian States, they can move onto the capital cities. With this worksheet not only can they learn the cities, but they will also be able to practice their writing skills.

I don't know about the United States, but in Japan, most people only know about Sydney. Which makes sense as it's a very large city as well as a popular tourist destination. Though each Australian capital city has something great to offer regardless of the size, so now it's time to learn more about them!

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