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With fun and engaging worksheets, teaching ESL has never been easier.

With instant downloads you can start today!


Welcome to Hedgehog English.

While teaching English in Japan at Hedgehog English Club, I had a hard time finding simple worksheets that were suitable for young learners. Many were outdated, teaching sentences and vocabulary my students would never use in the real world. My students were disengaged and rowdy in the classroom. Which then inspired me to make a change and develop a whole new curriculum for my school. With a range of simple, fun, and engaging worksheets and games to go with it. Every lesson was fun and a joy to teach, while still including all the educational requirements. 


I now want to share this educational joy with you all, so you too can have fun in your classroom. I know teaching can be challenging enough without the added pressure of creating new resources. So please take a look at the shop and blog, to see how Hedgehog English can help you today.

Hello! I'm Nadia, creator behind Hedgehog English.

Learning Resources for ESL Teachers

Teacher of Superheroes

Australian Boomerang Blank Worksheet
There are so many different ways to decorate this boomerang - thank you so much!

One tired teacher

Colors Bundle
Time saver

Mycal S.

Solar System Unscramble FREE Worksheet
These were great for when I was absent and the sub used them.

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